Welcome to The Spirit of Christmas

Each Christmas since 2009, Dennis Stevenson, with community help and at no cost, borrows an empty shop and gives away thousands of free presents to help make sure no one goes without.

The 2012 'Spirit of Christmas' shop opened for eight days and closed at 6pm on Christmas Eve having given away over 11,000 presents. In 2013, a Spirit of Christmas shop opened at Wangaratta, Victoria. In 2014 the Spirit of Christmas theme is operating in Coolum from 15th to 20th December.

I thank the wonderful people over the years who help make the shops possible; those who gave free insurance, loaned the shops, supplied juice for helpers, created superb signs, mowed the lawns and took great photographs. The lovely people who helped in the shops, who created and host this lovely free website and those generous hearts who brought thousands of presents in to give away. All superb examples of love in action. The special people in the media are always so supportive in getting the message out. What a valuable job they do. 

I wish everyone could see the joy of people who take their gifts, as I do. You would be so happy you helped in the love that sharing brings to all our lives.

If you consider opening a Spirit of Christmas shop anytime, chat with Dennis. I once helped open a shop to raise funds for children's sport. We had the idea on Thursday and opened on Friday.

Let's keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year long.


Christmas shops since 2009:

 2009 Burleigh Gold Coast, Queensland
 2010 Nundah, Brisbane, Qld Australia
 2011 Clayfield, Brisbane
 2012 Norman Park, Brisbane

2013 Wangaratta, Nth Victoria

       2014 Coolum, Sunshine Coast, Queensland  

Live Broadcast 96.5 FM

96.5 FM did a direct broadcast from the Spirit of Christmas shop from 3pm to 6pm. What a wonderful team! Many people who visited our shop say they heard about it on 96.5 FM.

This is how Dennis does it. So can you for Christmas 2014.

  • Gather some friends to have the time of your lives. Perhaps three to six generous, reliable people. Read this site. Meet up and each choose a task you enjoy. Write out some simple steps.
  • Find and borrow an empty shop with parking. Call it 'Spirit of Christmas (your city)'. Open 3 or so days before Xmas. Include Xmas Eve.
  • People are very helpful. Borrow tables, covers, stands, mirror etc.
  • Get free Public Liability insurance. If required.
  • Ask local businesses to donate cleaning for windows and floors, and shop signs.
  • Collect new gifts (or anything that looks brand new). Please ask families – not companies. The shops are a community activity and businesses do more than enough already. Please, nothing 'second hand'. It's a gift shop, not an op shop. People need to be able to wrap their presents to look new. Fill the shop ready for the grand opening.
  • Tell everyone. Write a News Release. When the lovely folk on TV, radio, papers, groups and clubs hear of your shop, they'll tell everyone. People will bring in loads of new gifts and together, we'll bring the true Spirit of Christmas alive.

Like to open a Spirit of Christmas Shop this Christmas?  Click here for more info.